Spring Break

How do teachers spend their Spring Break in Niger? I know a few teachers in Niger, and there are two that have been planning for this Spring Break for about six months. They teach at international schools, but they are not missionaries from the west, they are Nigerien. They speak several languages and are very … More Spring Break

Hope and Courage

“Maca! Maca!” The three-year-old boy clapped his hands excitedly. Zacharie and his one-year-old brother were sitting with their mother in their home, feeling excited and optimistic. I was feeling the enormity of their situation, and I was surprised that the mom could still smile. Earlier today, my friend, Zainebo, came to me at Sahel and … More Hope and Courage

Galmi, Part 1

“Please remember to minister to the WHOLE person,” my tutor spoke to me in French a few weeks ago. “Missionaries remember the spirit needs feeding, sometimes they forget about the stomach!” We were discussing my upcoming trip to Galmi Hospital, where Ken and I would be taking four teens. We traveled eight hours on a … More Galmi, Part 1


A few weeks ago, we took Mohammed to a doctor that we trust. We had been encouraging him to go, but he procrastinated each time we talked about him going. He really just wanted us to tell him the name of the medicines that would help him with his medical issues so that he could … More Friends