Kwara Tegui, Niger

48 hours ago, I hopped into my favorite minibus with six teens and followed Ken, who was in another vehicle full of teens, into a village called Kwara Tegui. There is a group living out in Kwara Tegui called La Roche – in English “The Rock.” They spend their time living among the villagers and … More Kwara Tegui, Niger

The Widows

Arriving at the meeting early, 2:00 was my completely American error. It was scheduled from 2:30 – 5:30, and I considered beforehand that I should really show up at 3:00. But, it was my first time with this group, and what if I missed something important? The meeting began when everyone showed up – at … More The Widows

The Baby Home

The Baby Home –  where we get to spend Wednesday afternoons – is a hard place to describe. I drive an 8 passenger minibus to take volunteer staff and students there once a week. There are no street signs and no address, but I know when I cross the bridge and head to the nearest … More The Baby Home