The Plan, the partners, and the progress!

At SIM, where By Prayer is the motto, they track our progress toward reaching our field of service.

We are now spending our time meeting with people who think like we do – that loving one’s neighbor and showing that following Jesus changes lives is something worth investing in. It has been a wonderful beginning this last month. Some of you have really blessed us with your passion and understanding of how the proclamation of Jesus’ name changes a community.  We have walked away from our first twenty meetings feeling amazed at how God works through relationships to love us. This community that we have lived in is vibrant, open, and loving!

Prayer Partners

SIM borrowed a goal from the Navigators, which is 200 prayer partners for each missionary heading away from their own culture into a new culture to share the love of Christ. Since we have two missionaries, our goal is 400 prayer partners. Tbh, we weren’t even sure we knew 400 people! Yet, this goal, if it is set by faith, with prayer, and is part of God’s will for us, will be met!

Where are we as of October 6, 2015?

229 / 400 partners, which translates into 57%!

Would you help us with this goal? If you’re willing to be a prayer partner, please write to us with your name and email address. Know that we will send you a newsletter once a month and ask you to pray. We also invite you to email us so that we may pray for what is going on in your life. If you are already receiving our monthly newsletter, we have counted you as a prayer partner – or a family member that cares about us!

Monthly and Start Up Support

One of our friends recently asked, “Hey, I know it’s not about the numbers, but what are your numbers?!” At SIM, missionaries do not leave for the field until they are 100% supported. That means that while we believe we should start language school in January of 2016, confirmation of that rests in God’s provision. SIM is good at explaining about missionaries who tend to rely on themselves (Americans!). We must increase our dependence on Him. The process of raising support truly develops a reliance on God and others. When we meet with people, we have two questions. Will you pray about partnering with us in this ministry and how can we pray for you? We are sure and certain that if you pray, God will direct you to either say “yes” or “no” to being a part of this ministry. That answer is our answer about when we will arrive in Niger.

Where are we as of October 6, 2015 for monthly support?

$3090/$7702, which translates into 40%!

And, lastly, Start Up Costs for a long term mission are $90,228. This includes $22,000 for training in the United States, and $30,000 for language school in Massy, France, for a family of five for 7 months. Other start up costs include immunizations, travel, visas, etc.

Where are we as of October 6, 2015 for start up costs?

$41,075/$90,228, which translates into 45%!

If you would like to read more about what we’re doing and where we’re headed, click here:

Ken and Julie to Niger

If you would like to become prayer partners and receive our newsletter, please email us:  

And, if you would like to be financial partners, click here:

Sending Partner

And, to learn more about what SIM is doing in Niger and at Sahel :

SIMNiger and Sahel Academy


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