Changing Focus

As we prepare to move to Niamey, Niger, I will always try to share how we see ourselves fitting into God’s plan – and hopefully, how we see Him leading us each step of the way. This introduction is not a story, but most of our blogs will be.

1. Choosing – on purpose – to step away from our plans into God’s Plan is life-changing for us. It is stressful and exciting.

2. God’s Plan is not something that we have control over, but we can be willing to be a part of it, instead of our own plans which have been about savings, security, and prosperity. These are good things, but they are no longer our main focus.

3. We are meeting with everyone we know who is willing to meet with us over the next several months to raise support. Our firm belief is that those whom God has chosen to support this ministry will support it. And, those He has not chosen will tell us no. This is a relief. Please don’t give unless you believe, by prayer, that this ministry team is one you should be on.

4. I will ask you to pray every time you read this blog. Please pray. We will not be able to show God’s love without the support of those who read, believe in Him, and have the power of prayer.

5. Thank you – your time is valuable and you have stopped and listened. Thank you.

In Christ’s name,


PS Here is the latest video from SIM, enjoy!

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